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American famous sports brand Nike's Jordan Brand recently released an independent brand with a new orthodox Cheap Jordan Shoes sneakers Air Jordan 2011. Every year in February, for the love of basketball and basketball shoes friends who are a holiday. Not only because the NBA All-Star Game, and the Jordan Brand Jordan will launch the new orthodoxy Jordan shoes birthday in February.

Michael Michael Jordan (MichaelJordan) is perhaps the world's most profitable last year, retired athletes. Part thanks to "Jordan" shoes brand named Cheap Jordans. WASHINGTON According to reports, the 2014 Jordan alone Cheap Jordans For Sale on credit to be divided into one hundred million US dollars, higher than his 15-year campaign of total revenue in the NBA. Total payroll in Jordan Bulls and Wizards of approximately $ 94 million.

"JordanBrand" for the NIKE brand, trademarks Jordan dunk image. The brand from NIKE Jordan designed a series of signature shoes "AirJordan", later put NIKE independent production lines, the establishment of Cheap Jordans Online. JordanBrand initial product for the basketball shoes, after extended to clothes, bags, accessories and other categories, including "AirJordan" series of shoes the most famous. Michael Jordan from income "JordanBrand" get into a concession contract from him and the Cheap Retro Jordans. 2013, Jordan also benefit quite good. Year, NIKE with JordanBrand brand was $ 2.25 billion in revenue, of which Jordan received $ 90 million. 2012, JordanBrand Jordan brought $ 75.5 million compared to revenues.

In August this year, Jordan sued American supermarkets Safaway cases of violation of the right to his name, Jordan's attorney also pointed out that between 2000 to 2012, Cheap Retro Jordans received $ 480 million in revenue from NIKE hands. That is from 2000 to date, "JordanBrand" Jordan brought a total of nearly $ 700 million revenue. Jordan is JordanBrand behind huge income growth in sales year after year. According to market research agency SportScanInfo sports statistics show that last year, Cheap Authentic Jordans sold in the United States rose 17 percent to $ 2.6 billion. This is 10 times LeBron James (LeBronJames) brand boots, and James NBA active players in the current highest selling brand boots.

By 2015, the US basketball shoe market totaled $ 4.2 billion, Buy Cheap Jordans accounted for 58% market share, 54% higher than the 2013 market share. In addition, in 2014 Jordan brand clothing and international business also received more than $ 1 billion in sales. JordanBrand in the Chinese market also has a higher market share, Cheap Air Jordans series is as many shoes lovers collection of a single product, but it also makes a lot of brand sports brand to learn, to follow suit. In 2012, when he was the Executive Vice President Li Ning had said Kim Jin Jun, Li Ning has signed a contract with the NBA Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade (DwyaneWade), launched Wade signature version of "Dynasty" series, which is equivalent to many years of popular NIKE shoes Jordans For Sale Li Ning version.