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pascade3Version Francaise

Since a few weeks back we hear a lot about a new restaurant in Paris. Chef Alexandre Bourdas (2 Michelin stars) went from Honfleur to the capital in order to open  La Pascade his second restaurant. Insecurity settled amongst  Parisian chefs, they trembled at the idea of ​​having to share their star-studded Parisian territory.

But Mr. Bourdas not seeking this type of competition. This is not just another high-end table, uneasily accessible, open for long dinners at tables with white tablecloths and crystal glasses. It’s a canteen  a fast food concept where they serve a single product: La Pascade. The restaurant is in the image of Bourdas: casual and warm with at the same time food made with sophisticated culinary techniques and a great knowledge and respect for food products.

But what is thus pascade? Even my word processing software does not recognize the word and pointed it out with a red, wavy and aggressive line before I add it to the dictionary. The pascade is a dish that is a part of French heritage, a peasant dish, from south-west France and more specifically the Aveyron.

Between the pancake and omelet, the basic ingredients of the preparation are eggs and flour (the chef’s tip it to replace the flour with oat bran for those who eat gluten-free). Then, it can also be improved with cream or milk, garnished with vegetables, fresh herbs, bacon, mushrooms, cheese … The pascade can also be eaten as a dessert, brushed with a sweet syrup after cooking and served with jam, Nutella ©, chestnut or fruit pulp. Its name comes from the word “Easter” since it  was a dish eaten at that time of the year .


The first time I ate Pascade was almost 5 years ago at Alexander Bourdas restaurant Sa.Qua.Na in Honfleur where he serves this dish as Amuse-bouche. Over the years this have also became his signature dish. Served with nothing but some herbs and a dash of truffle oil, it is placed in the middle of the table with the recommendation to share and eat with your fingers. It is not every day that you eat with your fingers in a Michelin starred restaurant. But to understand this dish, to understand the philosophy of Bourdas this is the only way to eat it. This is a dish to share, simple in its complexity, convivial and easy to understand. The pascade marked me; I was first amazes that this dish is on the menu, and then it seemed natural. And when I went back to Sa.Qua.Na a while ago, I was happy to taste it again, as a brief acquaintance you are happy to see again.

La Pascade
14 rue Daunou 75002 Paris
Reservation: +33-1 42 60 11 00
Open from Monday to Friday 12h-23h



Photos: Le Kitchen Bloggen and  homepage.